Andie Mills – Technical Co-ordinator

Name:             Andrew Mills

Position:        Technical Coordinator


Areas of interest and specialism

  • Sound and Lighting for Performance and Installation,
  • Audio and video recording and editing.
  • Instruction in the safe use of Theatre systems.


  • Photoshop,
  • Qlab,
  • Pro Tools,
  • Premier Pro,
  • ETC lighting desks


I have a first class degree in Media and Cultural Industries, my studies concentrating on Feminist Theory, my dissertation was on Contemporary Representations of Joan of Arc.

I started working as a lighting technician whilst employed at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, where I also filmed Performance Assessments. I have a keen interest in the staging of dance and it is here that I discovered Jean Rosenthal, lighting designer for Martha Graham, who has been a lasting influence.

I have been a gigging musician since I was eighteen, and toured Europe supporting The Ramones, The Sisters of Mercy and The Mission. I have released records on Rough Trade/ Merciful Release and was in the Independent Top Ten Record Charts.

I have recorded 400+ original songs; using a wide range of recording equipment, from tape eight tracks to modern DAWs. The earliest sampler I used was an Ensoniq Mirage with Steinberg Cubase, but I mostly use Pro Tools now.

I have worked freelance as a camera-operator, creating content for the NHS and corporate customers. I regularly film music and art/ installation videos, including, most recently, live streaming events using Open Broadcaster Software.

I worked as stage crew for Opera North, Northern Ballet and freelanced as a lighting designer before joining the team at stage@leeds at The School of Performance and Cultural Industries in 2010. I have also toured as crew for many bands including Take That, Oasis, AC-DC etc and worked at Old Trafford during the Olympics in 2012, so I have a lot of experience of being part of a large machine!!

I enjoy a challenge and find imaginative performance work inspiring and liberating.

I have written and published a novella and five collections of poetry.


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