Ian Lindley – Technician

Name:             Ian Lindley

Position:        Techician

Email:             I.R.Lindley@leeds.ac.uk

Areas of Interest and Specialism

  • Set Construction and Building.
  • Electrical.
  • Repairs.
  • Props.
  • Ropework (flying).


I went into Engineering (rolling stock for railways) from school and trained as an engineer at Barnsley Technical College. I subsequently worked at the Civic Theatre in Barnsley and in 1986 before working at Bretton Hall College before moving to the University of Leeds. From the age of twelve I had worked backstage with amateur operatic societies until I was twenty. Whilst at the Civic and later at the stage @ leeds, I have worked on many professional touring shows.

I am a qualified electrician, an experienced set builder, set designer and prop maker. I also have qualifications in Engineering and have worked as a stage hand, in the “flies”, follow spot operator and LX. I have audio visual skills and a working knowledge and understanding of electronics. I have been trained in Health and Safety and risk assessment.