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Gi60 - The International One Minute Theatre Festival

9 Actors leaping forwards towards the audience from Gi60 branded blocks whilst wearing strange deely-boppers. The Gi60 global logo is in the bottom right corner.

Gi60 (gone in sixty seconds) is the world's only International One Minute Theatre Festival. Created in 2003 by ScreamingMediaProductions by stage@leeds Artistic Director Steve Ansell, Gi60 has been performed annually in the UK and US since 2005. Each year one hundred brand new one minute plays are produced live on stage, fifty in the UK and fifty in the US. All of the plays are then uploaded to the Gi60 YouTube channel. Gi60 was one of the first theatre projects to be designed for digital distribution and Gi60 itself predates YouTube by three months.

All submissions to Gi60 are completed on line and Gi60 is open to anyone with an internet connection. stage@leeds has hosted Gi60 since 2016 and is pleased to continue and strengthen our relationship, particularly with the advent of stage@leedsDigital.

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