Brenda’s Got A Baby

Fresh from their successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bloomin’ Buds are making their return to stage@leeds.

‘The show is descended from a lineage of political theatre makers from Andrea Dunbar to Cardboard Citizens’ (The Stage)

Brenda is 16 and pregnant, Amy is the first in her family to go to university. What could possibly go wrong? This brand-new verbatim play explores the struggles that young working class women face, and recognises the difficulties of trying to study and be a mother. Bloomin’ Buds aim to raise awareness of the struggles and pressures that these women face, and question whether the systems in place such as universal credit are really enough in this current political and economic climate.

Thursday 18th & Friday 19th October*
Start time 7.30pm
Alec Clegg Studio

Guideline age restriction 12+