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This musical celebration of female pioneers in aviation is brought to you by first year Theatre & Performance students.
If you are curious about the ratio 80:20… come along and see what we can do with the technologies of projection, microphones, and live feed cameras.
Now in its Eighteenth international year the world’s best loved One Minute play festival returns for another night of tiny theatre.
stage@leeds young company presents a modern fairy tale that asks the questions ‘Are Dragons all bad’ and ‘How hard can it be to purchase a reasonable property in a rural enchanted forest location’? Join  us in the forest for a fresh look at our most cherished bedtime story characters. This production was created by stage@leeds…

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Script by Mick Martin Directed by Jude Wright It’s the 1930’s and a young Joan Littlewood has walked out of RADA and stomped her way north, searching for the revolution. She reaches Manchester and finds kindred spirits – at Rusholme Rep! There she embarks on a production – ‘Draw The Fires’ by Ernst Toller, the…
The world’s only one minute international theatre festival
Brenda is 16 and pregnant, Amy is the first in her family to go to university. What could possibly go wrong? This brand-new verbatim play explores the struggles that young working class women face, and recognises the difficulties of trying to study and be a mother.
Marking the centenary of the end of WWI, this promenade performance explores echoes of ‘The war to end all wars’ back at home, in Yorkshire.
The final episode of the story of an Old Man, found in the garden of Pelayo and Elisenda. However, this man is unlike any other, for on his back is a pair of enormous wings. Is he an angel? Or is he a man?
Bluebell Hill’s newest inhabitants, siblings, Martin and Hilda, can’t wait to become part of the community. But their hopes of a pleasant neighbourhood are soon threatened when Martin catches a young intruder in their garden…
Perhaps you are not the only version of yourself. When truth and fiction have been blurred to such an extent, you may not even be able to tell the difference. This experiment will push the boundaries of our reality by laying bare what it means to be human.
A five and a-half mile ascent to the summit of Mount Everest – lots of running, lots of talking, lots of polystyrene balls and some dancing.
Offering an unflinching exploration of the power and perils of ideology, this new play uses audience voting, along with stage and screen acting, to transport viewers to an unsettling vision of UK politics in the year 2027.