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Forget the malevolent ambition to seize the throne of Scotland. Think smaller, much smaller… This is the darkly comic story of one man’s ruthless ambition to usurp his unappreciative boss and take over the business but does he have the ingenuity to succeed?
stage@leedsYoungCompany: National Theatre Connections 2023 Audition Date: Sat 03 December 2.00pm stage@leedsyoungcompany are looking for members to be part of the 2023 National Theatre Connections festival. We are looking for enthusiastic, collaborative individuals to join us. We will be rehearsing and performing the brilliant, funny and moving ‘Strangers Like Me’ a new play by multi…
It’s the early hours of the morning and Danny’s the last straggler at Laura’s party. The flat’s in a mess. And so are they. One more drink?
Step into a forest full of wonder and watch the magic unfold in a ‘genie’-us re-imagining of 1001 Arabian Nights. Immerse yourself in stories of sellers, tales of traders and mysteries of merchants. With princes, paupers and puppets, and terrifyingly low prices.

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Following a one-night stand, B drags her best friend E to the clinic. As they nervously await their test results, they reminisce about their previous relationships, sexual encounters, and breakups, in an attempt to understand what led them to this moment in time.
A show that is also a party, a party that is also a show.
Steve Ansell & Ian Lindley Green Light stage@leeds foyer £Free Green light is a ‘people powered’ sustainable light installation. The installation has been created to highlight the upcoming launch of the University of Leeds sustainable theatre living lab project at stage@leeds. Come and help us light the night. Free fairtrade tea and coffee will be…
Annie finds herself on a clifftop. She says she’s fine but she can’t quite get her story straight. Sat by her side Sophie covers the bruises on her neck. She thinks everything might just be alright, because it’s amazing what you get used to, isn’t it?
Notice Regrettably and due to unforeseen circumstances this production has been cancelled. All customers will be contacted and tickets refunded.
Following the accident, Kat’s struggling with the basics of everyday life. Could some unusual visitors help? A comedic and imaginative take on the realigning of one person’s mind.
Now in its fourteenth international year the worlds most respected One Minute Play festival returns for another night of non-stop tiny theatre. A cast of professionals, students and actors in training will perform fifty brand new one minute plays live in under an hour.
‘I’m lost in the supermarket, I can no longer shop happily…’ It’s the big night, maybe the most important night of your life. So why can’t you stop thinking about the one person who isn’t going to be here to see you?
Blackout is an experiential performance that explores the perception of truth within an immersive and atmospheric landscape. The audience are taken on a surreal journey through moments of complete darkness.
War, torture, a delivery man. A dark comedy of violence.