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If you are curious about the ratio 80:20… come along and see what we can do with the technologies of projection, microphones, and live feed cameras.
  In partnership with Stage@leeds, Devika Dance Theatre presents ‘Dances of India 2022’ stage@leeds associate artist Devika Rao reflects on the diverse cultural traditions of India and Indian Dance with performances and films by academy students and invited guest artists. Free afternoon workshops Indian Dance, Music and Yoga from 2pm everybody welcome. Full details will…
stage@leeds young company presents a modern fairy tale that asks the questions ‘Are Dragons all bad’ and ‘How hard can it be to purchase a reasonable property in a rural enchanted forest location’? Join  us in the forest for a fresh look at our most cherished bedtime story characters. This production was created by stage@leeds…
Now in its Eighteenth international year the world’s best loved One Minute play festival returns for another night of tiny theatre.

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Join Devika Dance Theatre for an interactive performance workshop.
Internationally renowned performer and stage@leeds associate artist Devika Rao returns to Stage One with YAA DEVI NIRAMAYA.
Her biggest disability is her family. Rebecca Walker is a 19 year old who wants to be outspoken and fiercely independent but for this she needs a voice. Speechless is a coming of age tale about someone with Cerebral Palsy and without speech, and the world they encounter along the way.
In February, two artists got on a cargo ship, and retraced one of the tours of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle – from the UK to Ghana to Jamaica, and back. It was a long journey backwards, in order to go forwards. This show is what they brought back.
‘When I was five years old, my Dad was told our surname might be stopping him from getting a job. So we changed it. It worked.’ ‘Powerful, important and funny’ (Emma Thompson).
“War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength”
They were all in the pub when the explosion happened… Louise wakes up to find herself trapped with Mark, who has saved her life. Mark is always prepared and has everything he thinks they will need to survive; tinned chilli, Dungeons and Dragons and a knife – now all they need to do is to wait until it’s safe to go outside. Can they survive the attack? Can they survive each other?
Love to shout random things at performers while they desperately try to incorporate them into the scenes that they’re making up on the spot? Then this is the show for you. Come on down for an evening of delights that I guarantee you’ve never seen before. Because it’s Improv.
A playwright is losing his mind. Still reeling from a recent personal tragedy, the writer distracts himself by composing a new play. But he isn’t alone. An ominous figure looms over the writer, always with him: taunting him, mocking him, controlling him.
What do we know about the ground under our feet? BARBARIC AND WILD gives this gritty darkness a voice. You will be immersed in the dust of a devastated landscape. Meet Buddhist madmen and subterranean poets who’ll take you on a visionary journey.