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Join us for an evening of stunning flamenco with the Daniel Martínez Flamenco Company.
A deeply capitalist dictatorship looms… Welcome to The Superstore.
Gi60 is back!
Inside Yellow Sound invites one audience member at a time to animate the world of the play and engage in a series of interactions between different sounds, colours and movements.
The influence of the work and legacy of Konstantin Stanislavsky (1863-1938) endures across the broad field of the performing arts, and his prominence as a male figure receives renewed debate and criticism. In a wider and contemporary context, the proliferation and expansion of the term ‘gender’, continued inequalities and understandings of intersectionality provoke us to…

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Truth and time, science and poetry, noise and heat, the classical and the romantic, all fuse together brilliantly in Stoppard’s wickedly funny and poignant masterpiece.
Commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and his continued global influence, Shanghai Theatre Academy present excerpts from four of his works using traditional Chinese operatic and puppet styles.
When a brave group of women decide to stand up for peace, they find a powerful, yet unlikely strategy to get their own way. They tell their men the sex stops unless they stop fighting.
The actors are preparing for their fourth night of the Farce ‘Nothing Untoward’ and final checks are being made by the stage manager. But an agent is coming to watch the show, one of the cast’s props has gone missing and the actors are beginning to suspect one another.
Inspired by Oxbridge elite dining societies such as the Bullingdon Club, whose members once included David Cameron, Posh explores the British elite’s unquestioning sense of entitlement and a right to rule.
Following on from the success of last year’s “Swipe Right” LUU Open Theatre Society bring you not one, but two shows back to back. The cast are given a concept, a piece of text and this year, the numbers 2-4-1.
The Class of 2011 are about to graduate, and Benny, Mack, Timp and Cam are due out of their flat tomorrow morning; five bedrooms, five chairs, four boys – and one hell of a party.
Manic Chord return to stage@leeds with their new work, exploring everyday sexism and the world of elite swimming through their own distinctive physical and visual style.
30 years ago the Miners’ Strike divided this nation… Three plays, each one telling a different story, of ordinary people caught up in the momentous political events of 1984 -1985.
The evolution of mankind’s relationship with food through the triptych of a daily routine: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. ‘A smorgasbord of carnal horrors. Left me unable to look at a melon the same way again’ ★★★★ Everything Theatre