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In this brand new devised production ‘Swipe Right?’ asks the question ‘with more and more people finding “the one” online, does this mean we need to say goodbye to good old fashioned romance?’ 7.30pm Banham Theatre £8.50 (£6.50)

by Edward Bond

Set in the early 1960’s, ‘Saved’ tells the story of a group of young people living on a South-East London council estate. 7.30pm Stage One £8.50 (£6.50)

by Adam Z Robinson

This new play by Adam Z Robinson finds the humour, and the horror, of office politics taken to extremes. 7:30pm Workshop Theatre £10.00 (£8.00)
‘Subtext and Rain’ is a devised contemporary performance by final year students in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries. The performance interrogates notions of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ in terms of theatrical imagery, language and philosophy in a world where characters only communicate their relationships’ through metaphor and subtext. 7.30pm stage@leeds £9.00 (£7.00)
This new work with songs is a contemporary adaptation of Euripides’ quintessential Greek tragedy. Dionysus, the god of wine and theatre, takes terrible revenge on a city for defying his will, and leads his followers in rebellion against its authoritarian, patriarchal rule. Dionysus brings revolution and freedom – but also blurs the lines between pleasure, intoxication, madness and violence as the social order crumbles. 7.30pm stage@leeds £9.00 (£7.00)
It’s Carnival time in Naples. When two sisters collide with four guys just looking for a good time, what could possibly go wrong? This re-imagining of Aphra Behn’s classic comedy explores and deconstructs modern lad culture against the backdrop of the pulsing urban nightclub scene. 7.30pm Alec Clegg Studio £8.50 (£6.50)
This new work by Oliver Bray is inspired by the literary constraints of the French writing group OuLiPo (Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle, or Workshop of Potential Literature). 7.30pm stage@leeds £10.00 (£7.50)
A twist on the classic Greek tale of the Odyssey, Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Penelopiad’ recounts the story of Penelope, wife of Odysseus, as she awaits his return from the Trojan War. 7.30pm stage@leeds £8.50 (£6.50)
LITTLE LEEDS FRINGE RETURNS! This exciting event is designed to be a platform for any member of the University of Leeds to perform or exhibit their creative work. In the true nature of a Fringe Festival, anything goes! Join us in the stage@leeds building and Leeds University Union for a week of original performances.
The critically-acclaimed musical Fame is brought to you by the newly-formed LAMMPS theatre group. Based on the 1980 film of the same name, the musical follows the lives of a group of students through their years at Performing Arts School. 7:30pm + 2.30 Matinee (15th only)        £8.50 (£6.50 Concessions)