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Join cult absurdist double act The Lovely Boys along with Chortle Student Comedy Award Winner Joe Kent-Walters and Leicester Mercury Award Nominee Sam Williams for an evening of work-in-progress fringe comedy shows.
The influence of the work and legacy of Konstantin Stanislavsky (1863-1938) endures across the broad field of the performing arts, and his prominence as a male figure receives renewed debate and criticism. In a wider and contemporary context, the proliferation and expansion of the term ‘gender’, continued inequalities and understandings of intersectionality provoke us to…
Inside Yellow Sound invites one audience member at a time to animate the world of the play and engage in a series of interactions between different sounds, colours and movements.
Gi60 is back!
A deeply capitalist dictatorship looms… Welcome to The Superstore.
Join us for an evening of stunning flamenco with the Daniel Martínez Flamenco Company.
Tripartite explores the disarray of dreams, morality and instincts that live within the human psyche.
You have been in cryo-sleep for 60 years. You have 89 missed calls from Earth.
 New Labour is a comedy drama about being in debt, being young and dreaming of something better.
This is liveness. This is authenticity™ This is potentially a very, very bad idea.