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Final year students from the School of Performance and Cultural industries present Maleficarum, originally created as a stage performance but now totally reconceived as a radio play.
The MA module Performance and Collaborative Enterprise (PACE) has brought together young women from China and the UK with diverse backgrounds, from international finance to performance design, translation to management. They have collaborated with The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery to create text, films and images designed to attract a new audience to the gallery, especially…

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Aesop’s Fables re imagined and updated. An explorative performance, using Bob Chilcott’s choral work alongside a new soundscape created by James Batty. Five stories told through movement and sound, performed by the members of the Opera North Youth Company.

Geoff Marsh began his working life as a coal miner. Ten years later he became a Police Officer.

Ten Years after that he faced his old mates across the picket lines during the year-long strike.

An extraordinary tragedy, considered as the best ever written play, Bacchae unravels the corporeal poetry of the existential negotiations between materiality and consciousness, body and mind, the rational and the instinctive.
50 new plays in one hour from writers around the world and just down the road
As open surgery commences, secret romances and bitter personal rivalries are exposed, revealing the absurdities and hypocrisies within the medical profession.
This nostalgic yet hilarious comedy, three estranged sisters meet on the eve of their mother’s funeral to argue and misremember. As they attempt to organize her funeral, the memories of their childhood run together and the secrets of their separate lives are revealed.
You’re stood on the platform. You look around. Someone catches your eye. Ever wondered where they’re going? Blink and you’ll miss them. Will your paths cross again?
Eight diverse and original plays from up and coming writers will explore the theme of ‘home; a word, a place, a feeling’
Marriage, such a lovely occasion, but not in this case. Are Katie and James meant to be? I suppose you’ll just have to come and see for yourselves.
What a Waste will be created and performed using only items (costumes, props, set) already available in the stage@leeds store and participants will work closely with the stage@leeds technical staff to realise their production without creating any… well… waste!