Ruby’s Voyage

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Jim, 80 years old, has converted his house into a ship. He recruits his family and friends as the crew, and with a bit of magic and a lot of madness, they set sail. However, the crew grow anxious to know where they are heading, Jim hasn’t been taking his medication, and a storm is brewing around a forbidden chest…

Ruby’s Voyage is about love and loss. It combines music, laughter and drama to explore how one person’s final voyage can be the catalyst in a new adventure.

This is a performance made by the community of Leeds for the community of Leeds, in partnership with Fall into Place Theatre, the Royal Voluntary Service Leeds Hub, and funded by Leeds Community Foundation.

Alec Clegg Studio
Weds 2nd Sept 2-4pm
Thurs 3rd Sept  7-9pm
Fri 4th Sept       2-4pm

Tickets £5