Salt – Selina Thompson

One woman’s journey to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

From an artist whose previous work includes building a giant dress out of cake with over 2,000 people in a shopping centre for two days and sharing stories with people inside a 7ft ball of hair, Salt is sure to be an unmissable performance.

Selina’s work is playful, participatory and intimate, focused on the politics of identity, and how this defines our bodies, lives and environments. In February, two artists got on a cargo ship, and retraced one of the tours of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle – from the UK to Ghana to Jamaica, and back. It was a long journey backwards, in order to go forwards. This show is what they brought back.

Commissioned by Yorkshire Festival, Theatre Bristol and MAYK. Supported by Arts Council England, and 200 kind and generous supporters who donated towards our voyage across the Atlantic.

Wed 29 June
14:00 and 19:45
Stage One
£12.00 (£10.00)