Forty Six Pounds

one day. two hundred choices.

Forty Six Pounds

Lola, Sara, Shaun and Claire. Four completely different people all entering life outside of prison at the same time, connected only through their probation officer. They each discover the difficulties and importance of relationships, housing, mental health and licence conditions in the outside world. Follow their journeys as they attempt to go back to a normal life. But what is normal?  

Four distinctive strangers step foot into life outside of their prison walls at the same time. Follow each of their individual journeys as they rediscover who they are in this second life. 

Forty Six Pounds is a series of four audio pieces that follow the story of four different characters who have been recently released from prison. Set in Leeds, each audio piece is an intimate  audio tour across the city that sonically guides you, the audience member through the narratives. Accompanied by a map, you can experience each of these in their real settings (if government rules and regulations permit).

We are a group of second year, B.A Theatre & Performance students at the University of Leeds who are looking into the role of the arts in the criminal justice system. We have created this piece to share with you the different personal issues people may face on their release from prison.