Who is She? / 她是谁?

Inspired by the painting by Roger Fry of Nina Hamnett in The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, we have created a project exploring feminist progress in the arts. We have created a webpage where the audience can read, watch and interact with images and artwork around our theme. We aim for our audience to engage with the life and work of Nina and other female artists. We have summarized Nina’s autobiography to introduce her life to the audience, and have included comments and perceptions to build an image of Nina. Our webpage presents the negative critical attitude of Nina’s male contemporaries as well as drawing attention to the hostile media criticism of contemporary women artists because of their lifestyle choices.

(Image © University of Leeds Art Collection)

Who is She? / 她是谁?

Group members 

Rebecca Thornalley

Elise Evans

Linqi Duanmu / 端木霖琪

Yunmeng Du / 杜云蒙

Qingxi Wang / 王清茜

Shixuan Wang / 王诗旋