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Thursday 12 - Friday 13 October, 2023, 6-9pm

stage@leeds presents Pixelation a series of diverse works for Light Night 2023 that blur the lines between art, research, play and performance. Ambisonic Sound, slime mould, light sculpture and retro gaming come together for an evening of physical and intellectual illuminating playful activity for the whole family.

12th & 13th October

Stage One - Pixelate
Once upon a time the world was connected by cables…
Grab a controller, take a step back in time and join stage@leeds as we reimagine 16Bit console gaming as an immersive theatrical experience. Light’s, sound and a giant screen… are you ready Player One?

Alec Clegg - It Ends With You
A performative sharing by George Moody that is the reflective outcome of experimental workshops with 'natural' materials. IT ENDS WITH YOU speaks to the nonhuman materials featured in the sharing as opposed to us, the audience, and the artist. This project has sought to explore the performativity of nonhuman organic matter through the lens of Queer Ecology and Scenographic techniques. George has been working with closely slime mould, grass, flowers, water, decaying leaves, and moss for the past six months. George has sought to find ways to reduce the artist's intervention, this sharing is an ode to the intimacy and dissensions that took place over that period.

The Green & Dalwood Space - Luminosity⊙
We pass the same things every day and so often we never notice them. In astronomy luminosity describes the intrinsic brightness of an object, as distinct from its apparent brightness diminished by distance. With this in mind Luminosity⊙ shines a light and asks you to look at and appreciate the nature, art and sculpture that surrounds stage@leeds in a new and playful way.

The Dance Studio - Ambisonic
Sound artist Jess Rowland  presents a Triptych of pieces that explore binaural, ambisonics and surround sound techniques. Put on some headphones and experience deep listening that will transport you out of your immediate environment and into your head.

All our light Light Night activities are family friendly. stage@leeds is accessible space with flat floor access. The stage@leeds bar will be open selling tea, coffee and a range of cold drinks.