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stage@leedsDigital is our online venue for digital performance providing students, researchers and artists with an environment to promote, broadcast and share work specifically created for experiencing in the digital realm.

At stage@leeds we are very interested in how traditional theatre practice can be used within a digital setting. What new and unique forms of expression will artists discover as they learn to exploit the digital realm? The idea of a ‘Digital Theatre’ as a platform for performance is still quite novel, as such the digital stage presents a new frontier with few preconceptions or expectations.

Artists and creatives setting out to make digital Performance are pioneers on a journey into an undiscovered landscape. stage@leedsDigital is excited to be part of that journey and to share the results. On the 19th May stage@leedsDigital hosted a webinar to look at the Digital performance landscape, it’s present and it’s future which can be viewed here:

What is Digital Performance: Webinar 19 May 2020

stage@leedsDigital promotes, hosts and supports artists engaged in contemporary digital performance as well as providing a platform for University undergraduate and post graduate assessed work. Below you will find some resources and thoughts on digital creation together with links to our other digital platforms.

Articles about digital performance;

Thinking Digitally: new ways to create

Creating a Digital Theatre

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