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Final year students from the School of Performance and Cultural industries present Maleficarum, originally created as a stage performance but now totally reconceived as a radio play.
The MA module Performance and Collaborative Enterprise (PACE) has brought together young women from China and the UK with diverse backgrounds, from international finance to performance design, translation to management. They have collaborated with The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery to create text, films and images designed to attract a new audience to the gallery, especially…

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Our digital creative literacy has had an enormous boost during the period of lock down. Formerly niche platforms like ‘Teams’ and ‘Zoom’ have become as familiar as Facebook and Youtube. Many creatives have moved on-line, with a raft of singer songwriters delivering gigs from their couches and cultural heavyweights such as the National Theatre and…
stage@leedsDigital presents Close Knit: Knitting away the loneliness, stitch by stitch• Let’s knit ourselves closer during this time of self isolation and cast on to new connections. Close Knit
The wild imaginations of the chaos and horror that surrounded them. The brave few who struggled to protect others. Those that reigned terror upon their victims. A performance, using adaptation of texts, to explore stories of those in hiding and those whose job it was to track them down.
From cat cemeteries, to gagging yourself at night so you don’t talk in your sleep, to singing at the top of your lungs ‘till you run out of words, Oliver and Bernadette really learn to live through the hardships together. In 140 words.
The Duncan’s, a ‘picture perfect’ family bumbling through life in a denial-induced frenzy. Nicky Silver’s Pterodactyls is an absurdist farce and a speculation on our species that encompasses comedy and extreme melancholy.
“It’s a simple question; Do we bear monsters? Or do we create them?”
From rejection to acceptance to power, navigate the rocky road of what it means to be a woman through the eyes of Kanyaa, the daughter.
Ten members of an exclusive Oxford University Gentlemen’s Dining Club are meeting for an evening of elitist extravagance. As the alcohol flows, banter descends into bullying and animosities begin to surface. Tensions are scrutinised, friendships shattered and the climax of the soiree holds devastating consequences for everybody involved.
Meathead looks at toxic masculinity and male fears of insecurity through a character with an interesting but believable set of contradictions.
stage@leeds associate artist Devika Rao reflects on the diverse cultural traditions of India and Indian Dance with performances by academy students and invited guest artists.