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Intercultural Shakespeare 2021

Digital Performance

Intercultural Shakespeare is a very popular Year 3 module on our undergraduate degree in Theatre and Performance, first taught in the first semester of the academic year 19-20. It has been devised as a highly practical, studio-based module, exploring Shakespeare through music, dance and hybrid adaptations of his texts that draw on different cultures, from Japan to Poland. In the second semester of 20-21, we had to deliver the module online and re-invented our approach.

For their final assessments, students were asked to present 15-20 minute digital pieces, devised in collaborative groups of four or five. They were asked to combine a visual presentation based on one of our two set texts – A Midsummer Night's Dream or King Lear – with a sound track including spoken words from the play. The idea was that the two elements would be made separately and then combined, so the pieces would be more of a visual and sound montage than a narrative film. The students have learned an amazing array of new technical skills, with the support of PCI’s technical staff. The results are imaginative and inspiring, and a testament to our students’ outstanding resilience and creativity during lockdown.

Dr Adam Strickson, module leader and Dr Kara McKechnie, module tutor.

A girdle round about the earth

A Girdle about the earth

An interpretation of Midsummer Night's Dream with influences from Somalian, Sudanese, Syrian and Rohingyan cultures. Aimed at children aged 6-11, this piece excitingly tells the tale of the fairies and explores the identity of refugees. Through puppets, music and imagery this is a theatre in education digital exploration and helps children to understand the refugee experience and the importance of culture and identity.

Kingdoms of the Blind

Kingdoms of the Blind

In our take on King Lear, we investigate blind culture and Ancient Greek drama, through exploring themes we found in the play. Tiresias from Oedipus Rex finds his way around abbey walls and Gloucester stumbles on the cliffs of a multi-storey car park. Contains masks, Yorkshire locations and Braille.

King Llio

King Llio

'What harvests shall be reaped when seeds of ignorance and greed are sown?'

King Llio, a blend of two tales, explores the eternal battle between humanity and nature. Allow the Celtic music, rhythmic language, and the tranquil scenery of Wales to transport you through a story of pain and loss.

 A Holi Night’s Dream

A Holi Night's Dream

A Holi Night’s Dream is a reimagining of a Shakespeare classic through the eyes of the traditional Indian Holi Festival, also known as ‘The Festival of Love’ or ‘The Festival of Colours’. Love, good vs. evil, self-discovery, community and mischief are all explored and celebrated through the festival’s symbolic colours and traditions.

 Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare)

Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare)

Le Cauchemar was inspired by Grand Guignol, a melodramatic form of French horror-theatre, and by films like The Blair Witch Project. A multimedia exploration of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, it uses still images, stop motion, puppets and montage layered with stylised audio.  We aim to shock, disturb and delight.

Bruadar na Coille (The Dream of the Woods)

Bruadar na Coille (The Dream of the Woods)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream meets Scottish and Irish folklore. Join us on this lyrical journey to the woods, experience the remaining beauty in nature, dance in the fires of Oberon’s fury and sing along with the Merry Wanderer as we turn back time to a world of ruralism, merriment and myth.

 Division   분할

Division 분할

Corruption, conflict and confusion are threaded through the foundations of King Lear and Korea. In our visual and aural piece, we encapsulate these to prove that societal division and its harsh consequences are closer than you think. Dive into our world of destruction, democracy and industrialisation and let the music of Pansori tell the story.