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Digital Performance


Friday 22nd May, 7.30pm

Read the full script here: Final Script Maleficarum

22nd May, 2020. The Magistrates Court Leeds. The press are waiting hungrily outside, for the verdict, cameras snapping, microphones pressed up against the windows, trying to hear a whisper of what is happening inside. Within the courtroom, the Judge walks calmly across to the bench, clears their throat and addresses the court.

‘Today marks the reopening of the case of Hagerstow VS Margaret Goldwell, a young woman who was convicted and put to death by hanging, for the crimes of being a witch, in 1611. This case has been brought to light in the press by her descended relatives, who wish to present new evidence in her defence, to see if she shall be exonerated of her crimes. May the defendant please proceed with their opening statement’.

400 years after her death, will Margaret’s family finally find peace in her innocence, or will this witch be cancelled?

For the last 5 months, the Maleficarum team have been working tirelessly to create the full, well rounded world presented in this story. Despite the challenges we have faced, changing mediums so late in the process, we are now proud to present our final Performance Project, created by sound alone. We hope this auditory experience will transport you in the world of Maleficarum, to its characters and its setting.

Though this may seem an archaic piece, do not be fooled. The script has been created partly from verbatim, from witch trials in the 21st century, as well as being inspired by the true events researched in the process of creating our project. So please, take out your headphones, plug in, and decide your verdict, is she a witch?



Created by

  • Ashley Davey - Company Manager / Advertisement & Marketing / Sound Editing Team
  • Chloe Arrowsmith - Co Producer / Costume Designer / Writing Team
  • Kit Salter-Kay - Musical Director / Dramaturg / Sound Editing Team
  • Julia Baszczok - Set Design / Movement Director / Contemporary Research Team
  • Matilda Smith - Choreographer / Contemporary Research Team
  • Charlotte Hutchinson - Choreographer / Outreach Representative / Writing Team
  • Megan Perks - Director / Writing Team
  • Zoe Cullen - Director / Outreach Representative / Writing Team
  • Shara Blanchard - Co Producer / Co Stage Manager / Sound Editing Team
  • Laura Leighton - Light Design / Co Stage Manager / Sound Editing Team
  • Alice Rickwood - Set Design / Writing Team
  • Supervising Tutor -  Alison Andrews

Created by Final Year undergraduate students, studying Theatre & Performance at School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds