PACE (Performance and Collaborative Enterprise)


PGT students across five of our MA programmes (MA Applied Theatre & Intervention; MA Audiences, Engagement and Participation; MA Culture Creativity and Entrepreneurship; MA Performance Design; and MA Writing for Performance and Publication) have worked collaboratively to develop three ensemble, co-creative projects that engage with some of the significant and challenging issues of our times. Three remote projects titled Breaking Bread; We are NOT Invisible; and Double Blue respond to ideas about artistic citizenship, community engagement, sustainability, ethical practice and collaborating/creating beyond borders.  The projects investigate how ideas of connectivity and the role of food as participatory performance, International student experiences in Leeds, and the conservation of marine life, need to be re-imagined and addressed in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Project 1: To Break Bread

Breaking Bread









Project 2: We are Not Invisible

We are Not Invisible








Project 3: Double Blue

Double Blue