Open Theatre Presents Beautiful Burnout by Bryony Lavery

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  • Time: 7:30PM
  • Location: Alec Clegg Studio
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They have an affinity with the violence, the balance, the ritual, the grace and the power. They are indestructible.

Beautiful Burnout is about the soul-sapping three-minutes when boxers become gods and gods, mere boxers. It’s about the second when the guard drops, that moment when the eyes blink and miss the incoming hammer blow.

We are always in and around a boxing ring. Life is what happens in the few moments in, during, around the obsessive path towards becoming the brightest star in the night sky… We are in a world of freely shared opinions and self-promotion…
Thur 17 – Sat 19 March 2022, Alec Clegg Studio, 7:30pm

Full: £10
Concession: £7.50