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Masters student, Lola, finds herself at a dead end. Her fiancé, Henry, acts like she doesn’t exist, while her part-time job barely helps to pay the bills. Helped along by her vivacious friend, Jovie, Lola attempts to find a new lease of life, all whilst Henry mysteriously becomes sleepier and sleepier.
A dark comedy about hitmen. The task is simple: kill the target, but things are rarely that straightforward.
The paths of two strangers collide and explode into a forbidden romance that lasts all summer long. But when Autumn arrives, their paths divulge.
They have an affinity with the violence, the balance, the ritual, the grace and the power. They are indestructible.
A Road, a wild night, a drunken tour guide, a journey to the gutter and the stars and back. Jim Cartwright’s first play gives expression to the inhabitants of an unnamed Northern road in Eighties Britain.
When their wealthy father passes away, two siblings battle it out for his inheritance, whilst dangerously falling into the world of crime, assassins and the law.
A deeply capitalist dictatorship looms… Welcome to The Superstore.
You have been in cryo-sleep for 60 years. You have 89 missed calls from Earth.
Everyone deserves to be loved, and even the most notorious outlaws could have the most fragile hearts…
Open Theatre and Theatre Group are excited to present a showcase to celebrate all that is theatre.