The Monstrosity of Things – PCI Production

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An exploration of the theatrical potential for horror and monstrosity, and the relationship of these to gender and femininity.

We will imagine our own deaths. We will attempt to terrify you and each other. We admit that we are all thrill-seekers desperate for spine-chilling, nail-biting, blood-curdling, goose-bumping, heart-pounding pleasures. We like the suspense. We love the ridiculous, the far-fetched and the impossible. We are fascinated by our inexplicable fear of the ordinary and the everyday. We will play victims, murderers, serial killers, the slasher, the one that survives it all and the one that dies too soon. As we face our demons and the monstrosity of things together, this performance asks how gender is represented in horror genres and reveals how the monstrous is constructed in and through performance, horror movie, thriller literature and grotesque art.

17-19 March
Stage One
£9.00 (£7.00) – Special offers available for PCI students available only at the box office