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If you are curious about the ratio 80:20… come along and see what we can do with the technologies of projection, microphones, and live feed cameras.
This musical celebration of female pioneers in aviation is brought to you by first year Theatre & Performance students.
What are the consequences when technology becomes too ambitious?
Created by students on the MA in Performance Design in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries at the University of Leeds. A festival of 21 experimental performances, staged across the week, exploring the creative application of materials and technologies for performance in surprising, innovative and sometimes astonishing new ways. Using space, light, objects and…
Tripartite explores the disarray of dreams, morality and instincts that live within the human psyche.
The wild imaginations of the chaos and horror that surrounded them. The brave few who struggled to protect others. Those that reigned terror upon their victims. A performance, using adaptation of texts, to explore stories of those in hiding and those whose job it was to track them down.
When conflict arises, why do we put up barriers?
We grow, we learn, we prosper and thrive, In a man’s world, we are built to survive.
You’re stood on the platform. You look around. Someone catches your eye. Ever wondered where they’re going? Blink and you’ll miss them. Will your paths cross again?
What really lies beneath the Big Top? CONTORTED is a unique theatrical event in which design, contemporary performance and circus skills are combined to create a magical world full of joy, adrenaline, danger and fear.