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Tripartite explores the disarray of dreams, morality and instincts that live within the human psyche.
The wild imaginations of the chaos and horror that surrounded them. The brave few who struggled to protect others. Those that reigned terror upon their victims. A performance, using adaptation of texts, to explore stories of those in hiding and those whose job it was to track them down.
When conflict arises, why do we put up barriers?
We grow, we learn, we prosper and thrive, In a man’s world, we are built to survive.
You’re stood on the platform. You look around. Someone catches your eye. Ever wondered where they’re going? Blink and you’ll miss them. Will your paths cross again?
What really lies beneath the Big Top? CONTORTED is a unique theatrical event in which design, contemporary performance and circus skills are combined to create a magical world full of joy, adrenaline, danger and fear.
Anamnesis Sam Blake is given the chance to live in his euphoric past rather than his gloomy present. Pharmaceutical Company DEE-LA, have been developing MEM. This experimental drug allows Aidan to enter his memories and relive the experience to his choice. As this dark comedy unravels, you will be submerged into the fantastical, funny and…
Marking the centenary of the end of WWI, this promenade performance explores echoes of ‘The war to end all wars’ back at home, in Yorkshire.
Perhaps you are not the only version of yourself. When truth and fiction have been blurred to such an extent, you may not even be able to tell the difference. This experiment will push the boundaries of our reality by laying bare what it means to be human.
This new play takes its inspiration from classic comedies from writers such as Noel Coward and adapts them for a contemporary audience. Expect multiple intertwining plots, overlapping narratives and sharp dialogue in this tribute to style, wit and impeccable manners.