by Irvine Welsh adapted by Harry Gibsen

Choose Life

Fuelled by their drug of choice, Franco Begbie fights his way through bars, while hopeless Tommy howls over Lizzie,
who is causing mayhem around town with Alison, who’s addicted to messing around with Sick-boy, who’s pleading for one. more. hit. And Mark Renton? Well he’s just woken up in a bed of his own faeces.

Irvine Welsh’s seminal Trainspotting follows this motely group of heroin-addicts as they navigate the bedsits, bars and drug-dens that populate Edinburgh’s underbelly. This interactive experience will explore their dark humour and
fearless honesty, as their seemingly dystopian world becomes your own.

Thur 27 – Sat 29 Oct
Stage One
£9.00 (£7.00)