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 New Labour is a comedy drama about being in debt, being young and dreaming of something better.
‘There’s something there, just on your shirt…’
Is it really bad luck for the groom to see the bride before their big day?
Open Theatre and Theatre Group are excited to present a showcase to celebrate all that is theatre.
The Duncan’s, a ‘picture perfect’ family bumbling through life in a denial-induced frenzy. Nicky Silver’s Pterodactyls is an absurdist farce and a speculation on our species that encompasses comedy and extreme melancholy.
Ten members of an exclusive Oxford University Gentlemen’s Dining Club are meeting for an evening of elitist extravagance. As the alcohol flows, banter descends into bullying and animosities begin to surface. Tensions are scrutinised, friendships shattered and the climax of the soiree holds devastating consequences for everybody involved.
James Petrie is a minister living in rural Scotland with his daughter Larissa and wife Hannah. When Hal Devereaux, an American businessman, arrives late one night, it seems just another burden for an over-worked minister. However, Hal may not be as charming as he first seems.
It’s about the futures we imagine. It’s about who we are. It’s human.
Returning from her honeymoon, Hedda finds herself trapped in an oppressive and dull middle class existence. Provoked by the need to seize control of her own destiny, she begins to manipulate and unravel the lives of those that surround her; a decision with ultimately catastrophic consequences.
What happens when we submit to our darkest desires? Dorian Gray has London wrapped around his little finger, but terrified that time will take away his beauty, he makes a desperate plea for eternal youth. This modern adaptation of Wilde’s novel explores the horrifying repercussions of a life without consequence.