• Ruby's Voyage

    2/9/2015 | 2.00pm4.00pm

    Ruby’s Voyage brings us a tale of love and loss, combining music, laughter and drama to explore how one person’s final voyage, can be the catalyst in a new adventure.

  • 21,000 Miles of Rail - Hannah Butterworth

    30/9/2015 | 7.30pm10.00pm

    It isn’t a show about one person or one story or one, one-way ticket. It’s a season pass taking you on a number
    of routes, through a number of stations, following a number of people making their way… somewhere.

  • Ham & Passion - Denada Dance Theatre

    2/10/2015 | 7.30pm10.00pm

    “Daring, audacious, sublimely and riotously funny” The Stage Carlos Pons Guerra has choreographed an evening of seductive, provocative and alluring contemporary dance theatre that perverts the senses. Kitschy, filmic and
    darkly hilarious, it promises to be a gender‐bending night of luscious entertainment. Performed by an international cast of dancers, DeNada Dance Theatre’s first triple bill is a feast of meaty and greasy dance soaked in a salsa of

  • In The Middle With You - Hagit Yakira

    8/10/2015 | 7.30pm10.00pm

    Hagit Yakira’s sophisticated and intimate work explores the varying dynamics of human relationships. She plays and shapes fiction and reality seamlessly shifting drama and humour through well-constructed structures.

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2/9/2015 | 2.00pm4.00pm

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