• Superfunadventuretimes - Mouths of Lions

    8/10/2015 | 7.30pm9.30pm

    Chloe, Georgia, Louise and Rimi have been reading fantasy novels… and watching fantasy films… and getting into Dungeons and Dragons.
    Featuring death-defying battle scenes and excellent dancing, SUPERFUNADVENTURETIMES is a new show about friendship and fantasy.

  • In The Middle With You - Hagit Yakira

    8/10/2015 | 7.30pm10.00pm

    Hagit Yakira’s sophisticated and intimate work explores the varying dynamics of human relationships. She plays and shapes fiction and reality seamlessly shifting drama and humour through well-constructed structures.

  • Feast - Clout

    9/10/2015 | 7.30pm10.00pm

    The evolution of mankind’s relationship with food through the triptych of a daily routine: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

    ‘A smorgasbord of carnal horrors. Left me unable to look at a melon the same way again’ ★★★★ Everything Theatre

  • Striking Dilemmas - The Melting Shop

    13/10/2015 | 7.30pm9.30pm

    30 years ago the Miners’ Strike divided this nation…

    Three plays, each one telling a different story, of ordinary people caught up in the momentous political events of 1984 -1985.

Book TicketsFeast - Clout
9/10/2015 | 7.30pm10.00pm

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