• PCI Production

    Backstage to Front - PCI Production


    Ever thought about what happens in all of these spaces while you are watching a performance? We invite you to join us on a journey which brings the inner workings of live performance into view.

  • LUU Theatre Group

    The Boat - LUU Theatre Group


    Once upon a time, a man named Noah was sent by God to save all the animals of the world on a big boat.
    Once upon another time, God forgot to send them home.

  • PCI Production

    Electrified - PCI Production


    A new musical theatre work taking inspiration from Graeme Gooday’s book Domesticating Electricity.

    This devised production will explore technological developments and their impact, reflecting on the ‘end of night time’ as well as the effect on musical theatre spectacles of the period.


  • LUU Open Theatre

    Wind In The Willows - LUU Open Theatre


    ‘All along the back water, through the rushes tall, ducks are a-dabbling, up tails all’

    Wind in the Willows is a charming children’s story about a community of animals and their riverside homes… or is it?

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