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Sheep, software, wine and theatres: understanding the cultural commons: Dr Alice Borchi

PCI Public Lecture Series, Dr Alice Borchi, Monday 19th February 2024
What do open access software, Barolo wine and a community-managed cultural space have in common?
They can all be understood as a cultural commons, that is, “a cultural resource shared by a group, which can generate one or more social dilemmas" (Santagata et al., 2011).

In this talk, Alice Borchi, Lecturer in Creative Industries, explores how people co-create culture and share cultural resources through the lens of the concept of "commons”.

The concept of cultural commons is useful to understand how people co-create, manage and share cultural resources, and why these processes are necessary to create more democratic and creative approaches to the management and governance of culture.

By investigating existing literature from a range of different disciplines, this lecture explores the cultural commons as grassroots solutions to the shortcomings of official cultural policy.

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