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The final episode of the story of an Old Man, found in the garden of Pelayo and Elisenda. However, this man is unlike any other, for on his back is a pair of enormous wings. Is he an angel? Or is he a man?
Offering an unflinching exploration of the power and perils of ideology, this new play uses audience voting, along with stage and screen acting, to transport viewers to an unsettling vision of UK politics in the year 2027.
“Embrace beautiful lies- the chronic insanity of the sane.” 4.48 is a painfully honest yet poetic view of clinical depression, and the notion of dependency and loneliness.
‘I’m a perfect duplicate of myself. Everything about my new body is identical to my original body. It just so happens that I was built from scratch this afternoon.’
I know what you must think. But you know, there’s nothing like someone cutting your dad in two for clearing the mind.
How well do you know those around you? Monday morning. Silchester Publishing Ltd. Seven colleagues. Alex, Emma, Hugh, Julia, Kathy, Phil and Susie arrive at work as usual, but then, an alarm.
Following a one-night stand, B drags her best friend E to the clinic. As they nervously await their test results, they reminisce about their previous relationships, sexual encounters, and breakups, in an attempt to understand what led them to this moment in time.
A child is born into a world of phenomena all equal in their power to enslave. It sniffs – it sucks. Suddenly one strikes. Why?
People say that your first year of uni changes you forever, but nobody tells you that it might just change the fabric of reality itself.
If you were granted any wish, what would you wish for?