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This new play takes its inspiration from classic comedies from writers such as Noel Coward and adapts them for a contemporary audience. Expect multiple intertwining plots, overlapping narratives and sharp dialogue in this tribute to style, wit and impeccable manners.
Ot[her] is a one-to-one immersive piece of theatre, exploring what lies beneath the surface of us all…
You see we all die, just some people die sooner than others. That’s nature This original theatre piece combines physical theatre, choreography, music and text in a multi-layered exploration of the events surrounding the Moors Murders.
Blackout is an experiential performance that explores the perception of truth within an immersive and atmospheric landscape. The audience are taken on a surreal journey through moments of complete darkness.
Where are you? Where are you heading? Are you going to be you forever?
How do you start a revolution? How do you stop one?
“Away to face the day that begins thy slavery.” – Hecuba in Women of Troy In a world where forced displacement is a global issue Euripides’ play has never seemed more relevant.
What do we know about the ground under our feet? BARBARIC AND WILD gives this gritty darkness a voice. You will be immersed in the dust of a devastated landscape. Meet Buddhist madmen and subterranean poets who’ll take you on a visionary journey.
An exploration of the theatrical potential for horror and monstrosity, and the relationship of these to gender and femininity.
A new musical theatre work taking inspiration from Graeme Gooday’s book Domesticating Electricity. This devised production will explore technological developments and their impact, reflecting on the ‘end of night time’ as well as the effect on musical theatre spectacles of the period.