As The Crow Flies: Berlin, Todmorden

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  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Location: Stage One
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Wiebke is a Berliner. Wiebke lives in West Yorkshire. She swapped graffiti for sheep,
techno clubs for country pubs.

She enjoys her life in the South Pennines, but when she returns to Berlin her heart beats faster. Where does she belong? Is happiness the callous freedom of the capital city, or the crushing kindness of the cobbled rural idyll? And what is ‘home’? Wiebke, having lived in the UK for over a decade, creates a turbulent night of theatre and cabaret, in search of her identity. Drawing on songs and texts from German and English authors, Wiebke speaks about being pulled between two cultures, curious encounters with alien traditions, and the deep longing for her childhood paradise – the city of Berlin which is both temptation and repulsion, fulfilment and disappointment, eternal love and a one-night stand.

This autobiographical piece was devised at the Berlin Globe, in collaboration with Berlin artists, some of whom have joined Wiebke in bringing the work to her second home, the North of England.


  • Starring Wiebke Acton, Philipp Myk
  • Direction by Cast + Mathias Schönsee
  • Music by Cast + Bernd Medek