Radio Panto

Pantomime Society Presents Radio Panto!

After Madame Fouquet loses her job following a torrid affair with a student (what was she thinking?) she atones for her crimes by hosting the Madame Fouquet Wholesome Family Funtime Hour, right here on LSR! She interviews the characters on panel shows, game shows, and talk shows where they can talk about what’s going on in their lives, and have some fun along the way… and boy, do they have a lot to talk about!


Happily ever after didn’t quite go as planned and Belle and Mal Beest have broken up. Now, Belle is excited to just have fun with her friends Bonnie and Joe V and finish her final year when – tragedy – COVID-19 strikes, and her entire life goes online.

Embittered by his own recent breakup, Gaston is more determined than ever that the elusive Belle will be his, and plans to host a lockdown-busting mega party to woo her under the LED fairy lights. With his two new sidekicks, Rona and Connie, at his side, coupled with the fact that his mother has recently married into Downing Street (making him Timothy Sebastian George de Gaston von Pontinney-Johnson), he is above the law!

Can Belle and the gang put a stop to it?”