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STAR-X stage@leedsyoungcompany

Digital Performance

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ScreamingMediaProductions & stage@leeds present: STAR- X, an intergalactic radio comedy

Earth is dying and only Captain Hugh Manly and his young team can save the planet. Join the crew of Starforce 4 as they prepare for their maiden voyage on a  journey to save the world. STAR-X is An Intergalactic Radio Comedy filled with Spacecraft, Alien Cultures, Robots, puns and pasta.

STAR-X was created and recorded by the stage@leeds young company remotely during lock down.


  • General Amera Cholic  - Izzy
  • Captain Hugh Manly - Frazer
  • First  Officer Spork - Joe
  • Dr. HavLow, Nebbick - James
  • H.E.A.P - Amber
  • Rex Spendable - Luca
  • Security Officer Diurna Kapow - Inez
  • Communications officer - Luca
  • Mr. Johnson (maker of tea) - Alex
  • Dorf: Head of  Communications - George
  • Gnosh (pronounced Nosh) of the Quosh - Ted
  • Gerald (pronounced Gerald) of the Quosh - George
  • Rubigo - Specialised Delivery Robot - Alex
  • Kaya Amera Cholic - Rosie
  • Crewman 56 - Steve
  • Elle Evator - Eliza


  • Directed by Steve Ansell and Eliza Jones
  • Written by Steve Ansell
  • Level 24 written by Frazer Hynd
  • Edited by Steve Ansell
  • Music by Steve Ansell
  • Recorded by the entire company
  • Original sound and music by Steve Ansell


Created, rehearsed and recorded during lock down by the stage@leeds Young Company in their Saturday Morning Youth Theatre sessions. Massive thanks to all the families, friends and everyone involved who were quiet (mostly) when we were recording.


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