The Structural Integrity of a Peach

“Yeah, a metaphor. A good one. I think I will explain it. It’s obscure enough that they won’t be able to guess what I
mean. But I’ll leave it ‘til the end…”

Fall in love. Have an affair. Threaten a friend. Listen to the voices in your head: In ‘the Structural Integrity of a Peach’ a brash Hunter struggles to voice newfound emotions, Martin is surrounded by people who just don’t care, and a blind Alice seeks foresight through conversations with the devil in the park. As a family of three is thrown into a state of flux by circumstance, social withdrawal becomes the consequence of the inability to talk to each other.

“Just throw a tagline at them. Ridiculously pretentious and non-sensical, but catchy.” ‘Love is a seven sided dice’.
There you go, they’ll be hooked.”

Thur 10 – Sat 12 Nov
Stage One
£9.00 (£7.00)